Pablo Sandoval catches Price’s attention in BP

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FORT MYERS, Fla. — The batting practice that takes place between teammates during Spring Training generally favors the pitcher. In fact, some hitters go up there simply to track pitches.

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But on Thursday, Pablo Sandoval Jerseys was ready to go when he faced new Red Sox ace David Price Jerseys.

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Sandoval, batting right-handed, stuck his bat out on the Hisashi Iwakuma Jersey #18 first pitch he saw from a Major League pitcher since last September and belted it to the warning track in left.

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“I think that caught everybody by surprise,” said Mookie Betts Jerseys cheap, who also hit off Price. “But that’s what Pablo does, too. He’s ready to go.”

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The Price-Sandoval matchup on Field 3 was intriguing to watch for a couple of reasons.

The first is that it marked Price’s first live BP session with the Red Sox. The second is that Sandoval is determined to regain his swing from the right side this season.

Sandoval stopped switch-hitting entirely last May after getting off to a 2-for-41 start righty.

Earlier this week wholesale jerseys, Sandoval said that he spent a large part of his offseason working on his right-handed swing.

“Whether it’s BP or in games, he’s an aggressive hitter,” said Red Sox manager John Farrell. “To me, when Pablo is swinging aggressively, it’s when he feels good physically, and I think that’s the case here today.”

The first-pitch swing by Sandoval also got Price’s competitive juices flowing a little more.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” said Blake Swihart Jerseys, who caught Price. “That’s what we do in this sport. We compete. All of us have a competitive nature. I’m sure that first swing, he was like, ‘All right, I’m going to focus a little more.’ It was good.”

Price went with a fastball-changeup combination while facing Sandoval, Betts and Dan Butler.

“He looked fine,” Farrell said of Price. “His first day of live BP, it was a normal progression toward the beginning of games next week. Not just David, but I think our pitchers have thrown the ball very well when you look at the stuff they’re throwing including the command that they’re showing in the full side sessions and now into BP. It was another positive day.”

The session also gave Swihart a chance to gain more familiarity with Price.

“He looked really good. He was out there fastball-changeup hitting the spots, commanding the changeup,” said Swihart. “It’s the start of everything. Today was the start and when we were walking over, he said, ‘Let’s go.’ It’s a good first day. I think everybody saw what he can do — painting the corners and everything — so it was good.”

‘Roids to ruin? Turns out, PED punishments aren’t a deterrent

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In November 2013, the Cardinals signed Jhonny Peralta Jerseys to a four-year deal, less than four months after Peralta had been suspended for using performance-enhancing drugs, and we got to have a What It All Means conversation.

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Peralta was coming off a strong offensive season — he’d bounced back from an awful age-30 season to hit .303 — and the incentives his new contract raised seemed too obvious not to worry about. “Apparently getting suspended for PED’s means you get a raise. What’s stopping anyone from doing it?” big league reliever David Aardsma tweeted. “It pays to cheat,” tweeted another reliever, Brad Ziegler Jerseys.

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Editor’s Picks In a world without stats, who’d be baseball’s best player?

Imagine, if you will, no batting averages, no ERAs, no WAR. How would you separate the greats from the very goods? We asked MLB execs and other experts to name their top players — and why.

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Pirates’ playoff hopes take a big hit cheap jerseys with Marte’s suspension

Pittsburgh’s chances of making the postseason were slim, even with Starling Marte Jerseys in the lineup. Now, the Pirates’ focus could shift to becoming sellers at the trade deadline.

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On Tuesday, a very different type of player was caught. Pittsburgh’s Starling Marte Jerseys will serve an 80-game suspension after testing positive for Nandrolone. Marte, a borderline superstar and one of the most exciting players in the game, is younger and better than Peralta was. But his suspension retroactively tells us something about Peralta. And these three-plus seasons since Peralta’s signing tell us something about Marte. Both things tell us more about What It All Means.

To get with the second part first: What’s next for Starling Marte Jerseys? He’ll serve his suspension, then he’ll come back. He will be good again. As good, probably, as he was while using steroids, which will certainly be interesting cheap jerseys.

Over the past five years, there have been 20 (or so) established major leaguers with thriving careers who were busted for PEDs — depending on your definition of established major leaguers with thriving careers. I count:

? Dee Gordon Jerseys? Chris Colabello Jerseys? Abraham Almonte Jerseys? Ervin Santana Jerseys? Alex Colome Jerseys? Jenrry Mejia (caught three times; banned for life)? Ryan Braun Jerseys? Nelson Cruz Jerseys? Antonio Bastardo Jerseys? Francisco Cervelli Jerseys? Everth Cabrera? Peralta? Alex Rodriguez Jerseys? Yasmani Grandal Jerseys? Bartolo Colon Jerseys? Melky Cabrera Jerseys? Marlon Byrd Jerseys (caught twice)? Freddy Galvis Jerseys

And now Marte. You might notice something about those names: They’d make a pretty good major league team, even now, even after most have presumably — presumably — gotten clean. In fact, let’s test something. Each of these players served a lengthy suspension and then returned to action. In each case, Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system produced a projection for them, using their pre-suspension stats. PECOTA didn’t know that they used to be on the juice and now were off the juice. If the juice had been making them better, and the juice had been removed, PECOTA should be systematically high on these players.

We’re going to remove multiple-offenders Byrd and Mejia, who were not presumably off the juice. And Gordon, Colabello and Almonte’s first full seasons are only two weeks old, so we’ll leave them out of the results for now. Everybody else?

Let’s make some caveats here. It’s a small group of players. It’s a group of players that, depending on your view of human nature, might be more likely to still be using than the average player. And there are certainly some players here — Braun and Cabrera — who did in fact decline in the year after the suspension.

On the other hand, those players who declined would end up producing later seasons as good as, or better than, the ones PECOTA had projected for them, so one might argue that they didn’t really decline at all, they just had off years. In a group of 14, somebody’s going to have an off-year.

Meanwhile, Colon has had one of the game’s most extraordinary third acts, Grandal is a secret star, and Colome might be the hottest reliever on the trade market this July. Santana’s 2017 stat line is practically all bold ink at the moment wholesale mlb jerseys. Cruz hasn’t finished lower than 15th in MVP voting in the three seasons since his suspension. Braun has made an All-Star team and received MVP votes since his suspension. A-Rod’s first season post-PED was the best season he’d had in a half-decade or more. And Peralta, the player who’d apparently tricked the Cardinals into paying for his steroid-inflated stats, had the best WAR of his career and finished 14th in MVP voting.

Starling Marte Jerseys will bounce back. And that’s the paradox of PEDs: Almost everybody who gets caught taking them keeps thriving afterward — leaving few cautionary tales to scare others straight. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Presuming these guys were clean after their suspensions: Does this mean steroids don’t do anything? No, it just means that a small sample of 14 players caught doing PEDs in the past five years collectively improved after they presumably got clean. Now, there are other smart people who have written that steroids don’t work, and there’s a long and complicated debate we could have right here about whether the data show steroids work, and I’d probably be comfortable taking either position because boy it seems like they must. But what it does mean is this:

Starling Marte Jerseys is going to come back from this suspension. He is most likely going to be just as good a ballplayer as he was before. His career will be long and successful.

This is the paradox of PEDs: If almost everybody who gets caught taking them continues thriving after they get caught taking them, there are very few cautionary tales for players to latch onto to get scared straight. PEDs seem to offer the promise of enhanced performance, but without any seeming risk — beyond the suspension and the embarrassment, at least.

Now, what does Marte tell us, retroactively, about Peralta?

Aardsma, Ziegler, et al., had their hearts in the right place — almost nobody wants to see baseball slide back toward heavy, secretive, unpunished PED usage — but they were wrong. Marte’s suspension shows that financial incentives aren’t the only factor — or, perhaps, even a primary factor — driving players’ decisions.

Marte is less than halfway through an eight-year contract extension that he signed in March 2014. His salary is already set in stone for the next three years, and the club options that Pittsburgh holds for 2020 and 2021 are so automatic — and so club-friendly — that Marte probably wonders from time to time how to get out of them. There is almost nothing Marte could do on the field this year — other than get suspended! — that could affect his income, now or in the future.

If not money, then what? For starters, Marte goes out in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands every day and tries not to fail in front of them. He runs out of the dugout with a team of friends that he tries not to let down. He plays a sport that will record everything he did and wave it in front of him for the 50 years or so he lives after his retirement. People cheat at golf, at crossword puzzles, at Sporcle quizzes, at card games with their family members. Half the bats in a Sunday slow-pitch league are illegally doctored. So of course there’s incentive for ballplayers to cheat when the world is poised to GIF their every failure.

Which gets us back to What It All Means. The most important part of Marte’s suspension — or Gordon’s last year, or Santana’s the year before — is how surprising it is. Since Ziegler and Aardsma worried that the league’s free-agent market was incentivizing PED usage, very few players have tested positive. There has not been a run on drugs in the three and a half years since the Cardinals made Peralta rich. Either everybody’s getting away with it, or something is successfully creating incentives for these players not to cheat.

I suspect we’ve already said them in this piece: The fear of embarrassment in front of fans, the fear of disappointing teammates, the fear of a bad mark next to one’s name in baseball’s history books. The same incentives that would lead a player to cheat would dissuade him from cheating. It didn’t stop Marte, but it appears to be broadly working across the sport. Ziegler and Aardsma should be pleased. Marte should be embarrassed.

A.J. Hinch finishes 2nd for AL Manager of Year

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HOUSTON — Despite leading the Astros to their first winning season in seven years and their first playoff berth in a decade, A.J. Hinch finished second to Rangers manager Jeff Banister in the Baseball Writers’ Association of America’s 2015 American League Manager of the Year Award voting revealed Tuesday.

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Banister, a Houston-area native, received 17 first-place votes from the BBWAA and finished with 112 points, compared to eight first-place votes and 82 points for Hinch. Twins manager Paul Molitor was third with 33 points (two first-place votes).
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“I think it’s an honor to even be considered, given not just the success of the three teams that were represented, but plenty of other teams that had successful managers,” Hinch said. “I’m proud of the exposure for our team and our organization. We have a Rookie of the Year [Award winner in Carlos Correa] and a potential Cy Young [Award winner in Dallas Keuchel Jerseys], so it’s capping a wonderful season for us.”


Manager, Club 1st 2nd 3rd Points

Jeff Banister, TEX 17 8 3 112

A.J. Hinch, HOU 8 13 3 82

Paul Molitor, MIN 2 3 14 33

John Gibbons, TOR 1 5 2 22

Joe Girardi, NYY 2 2 12

Ned Yost, KC 1 5 8

Mike Scioscia, LAA 1 1

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Hinch, hired at the end of the 2014 season, guided the Astros to an 86-76 record in ’15. They earned the second AL Wild Card spot on the final day of the regular season, bucking the naysayers who predicted Felix Hernandez Jersey #34 they weren’t ready to contend for the postseason. The Astros led the AL West for 139 days before falling into second cheap jerseys place in September after they were swept by the eventual division-champ Rangers.

Hinch set a consistent and positive tone, beginning in the spring, to which the players responded.

“It starts with a belief that we can be good enough,” Hinch said. “Everybody saw the changes that were made in the offseason. We had new players, we had a new coaching staff, new manager. [General manager Jeff Luhnow’s] plan was starting to mature to the point to where we felt like we had a chance in Spring Training, if we could get the right mindset from the players and coaches to go out and compete and give our best.

“From the beginning of Spring Training, to the beginning of the season, to the end of the season, the success we had started to build a belief and conviction wholesale mlb jerseys that we were a team that was going to have to be taken seriously.”

Hinch melded a roster that included players who had suffered through a string of losing seasons, such as Jose Altuve Jerseys, Jason Castro Jerseys, Marwin Gonzalez and Keuchel, and an influx of rookies who made an impact like Correa and Lance McCullers Jerseys. Newcomers Colby Rasmus, Jed Lowrie, Luis Valbuena and Hank Conger Jerseys played key roles as well.

“A.J. helped me in a big way,” said Correa, who was named the BBWAA’s AL Rookie of the Year Award winner on Monday. “He’s a great manager. One of the best out there that I’ve ever had, and as soon as I got there, he called me to his office and said, ‘Hey kid, you’re going to hit sixth tonight. Just go out there and have fun and try not to do too much and be yourself. It’s the same game you’ve always played, but in a different atmosphere. Just have fun, and your best is going to be good enough for us.’

“I didn’t try to do too much. I just went out and tried to have fun and do what he said, and it worked out pretty good.”

Brian McTaggart is a reporter for and writes an MLBlog, Tag’s Lines. Follow @brianmctaggart on Twitter and listen to his podcast.

J.P. Crawfords case as baseball’s top prospect

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PHILADELPHIA — The future will be everywhere this spring in Clearwater, Fla.

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The Phillies will have many of their best prospects in camp, including top prospect J.P. Crawford. ranked the 21-year-old shortstop among the top 10 prospects in baseball last season. He will be in the top 10 this year, too.

Making the case for the No. 1 prospect

Mon., 1/25 – Byron Buxton Jerseys, Twins

Tue., 1/26 – J.P. Crawford, Phillies

Wed., 1/27 – Lucas Giolito, Nationals

Thu., 1/28 – Corey Seager Jerseys, Dodgers

Fri., 1/29 – Julio Urias, Dodgers

But can an argument be made that Crawford should be No. 1?

Sure, why not? There are several reasons he could be the best prospect in baseball: Ryan Cook Jerseys #29

Womens Ryan Cook Jerseys

1) He plays a premium position. Talent evaluators love to say it is important to build a strong team up the middle. It worked for the Phillies from 2007-11, when they won five consecutive National League East championships, two NL pennants and one World Series. The Phillies had Jimmy Rollins Jerseys and Chase Utley Jerseys at shortstop and second base, respectively, with Carlos Ruiz behind the plate and Shane Victorino Jerseys in center field.

Crawford is considered an above-average defender, so defensively he could be a fixture in the Phillies’ infield for years.

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2) He can hit. Consider for a second that just seven of the 19 qualified shortstops in baseball last season posted a .700 OPS or higher. Just three had a .750 OPS or higher. If Crawford hits like everybody thinks he will hit, he should immediately become one of the better shortstops in baseball. Crawford has hit a combined .290 with a .790 OPS in three Minor League seasons, already showing a knack for recognizing balls and strikes cheap jerseys. He has walked 160 times and struck out 163 times in his Minor League career.

Many think he has the offensive talent to hit .290 to .300 in the Majors. They think his power will improve, too.

If those things happen, Crawford can live up to the hype as Rollins’ long term replacement.

Top 10 Prospects by Position

RHP – Breakdown | List

LHP – Breakdown | List

C – Breakdown | List

1B – Breakdown | List

2B – Breakdown | List

Tue., 1/26 – Third basemen

Wed., 1/27 – Shortstops

Thu., 1/28 – Outfielders

3) He can run. Crawford won’t win any stolen base titles, but he can be a threat on the bases. He has the potential to steal 15-20 bases a season, giving him another weapon in his arsenal. But he has room to grow there wholeslae jerseys. He has stolen only 50 of 74 bases (67.6 percent) in his career. That number should be near 80 percent.

4) Intangibles. The Phillies like Crawford’s intangibles. They found him to be a leader last season with Double-A Reading, which is encouraging. But will he continue those ways in the big leagues? Time will tell.

Todd Zolecki is a reporter for Read his Phillies blog The Zo Zone, follow him on Twitter and listen to his podcast. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Gerrit Cole feeling good after facing hitters

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Pirates ace right-hander Gerrit Cole Jerseys, who hasn’t pitched in a Grapefruit League game because of right rib inflammation, took another step Monday toward returning to action.

Elite Mayckol Guaipe Jersey

Before the Pirates played the Phillies at McKechnie Field, Cole threw two innings of live batting practice on a back field, one with a protective screen in front of him and one without. He reported no problems. He’ll throw a bullpen session Wednesday, then a decision will be made whether he’s ready to appear in a Grapefruit game.

Womens Mayckol Guaipe Jersey

• Spring: Tickets | Ballpark | 40-man roster | NRIs

Limited Mayckol Guaipe Jersey

If there are no setbacks, he remains the logical choice to be the Opening Day starter after going 19-8 with a 2.60 ERA last season wholesale baseball jerseys and finishing fourth in the National League Cy Young Award voting.

“It went well. I got through it clean,” Cole said. “It was good to get out there. I got after some pitches. The next step is a bullpen, and after that I’m not sure.”

He shrugged when asked if he was as sharp as he usually is at this point of the spring.

“The extra adrenaline and the different uniforms Mayckol Guaipe Jersey #48 are kind of the real test of how sharp you are,” he said. “I definitely threw a lot of strikes, pounded the zone in BP with all four pitches. and just tried to treat the next inning like a regular inning. But with good feedback from the hitters.”

Said general manager Neal Huntington: “His next step will be [Wednesday]. And then from there, we’ll fold him out if all goes well. Typically guys have more bullpens coming in. This will be Gerrit’s fourth time off the mound.

“So if he’s not completely comfortable or we’re not completely comfortable, there’s a chance we could repeat it. How he feels and how he looks that next time will dictate whether he goes into a game or do we repeat a side, do we repeat a live BP, do we go to a controlled environment of a sim game? It will be dependent on mostly how he feels and then how we think he looks.”

Cole said he still hopes to be ready to start the season opener.

“I’m trying not to jump the gun, Mayckol Guaipe Jersey #48 though,” he said. “Patience is a learned skill cheap jerseys. I feel like the patience part is over. When I came in I was just a couple bullpens behind. I’ve been on schedule the whole time, really. Just slightly delayed.”

Paul Hagen is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Celebrate 5/5: Vote up to 5 times for ASG

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Jeff Bagwell, Johnny Bench, Lou Boudreau, George Brett, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg and Brooks Robinson combined for 73 All-Star Game selections, and May 5, aka 5/5, is a good time to mention that they are the only players whose No. 5 jerseys were retired.

Elite Charlie Furbush Jersey

Matt Duffy, Eduardo Escobar, Freddie Freeman Jerseys, Carlos Gonzalez Jerseys, Josh Harrison, Albert Pujols, Corey Seager, Jonathan Villar and David Wright are among your choices on the Esurance MLB All-Star Game Ballot, and 5/5 is a good time to point out that they all wear No. 5.

Cast your Esurance All-Star ballot for #ASGWorthy players

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Balloting continues to select starters for the 87th All-Star Game presented by MasterCard on July 12 at Petco Park in San Diego, and here’s something else that is worth talking about on 5/5: Fans are allowed to submit up to five ballots per any 24-hour period, the new wrinkle introduced in 2016 to the largest All-Star balloting program in professional sports. Harrison’s solo homer [email protected]: Harrison belts a solo homer to right fieldJosh Harrison delivers a solo home run to right, Charlie Furbush Jersey #41 giving the Pirates a 2-0 lead

Womens Charlie Furbush Jersey

So in honor of 5/5, go ahead and submit your five wholesale jerseys ballots. You can cast five ballots per 24 hours, up to 35 ballots.

Out of the active players who wear No. 5, appropriately enough, five of them have been All-Stars before. And two of them — Pujols and Wright — could very well join that select group of legends whose No. 5 jerseys are retired, after they finish their careers.

Pujols returned to All-Star status last year, his 10th selection and first as an Angel, starting at first and scoring in the fifth inning of the American League’s 6-3 victory. To get to San Diego for this Midsummer Classic, he will have to do so in a new way: Pujols is among the choices at designated hitter. Pujols hits solo shot [email protected]: Pujols puts Angels on board with a solo shotAlbert Pujols sends a solo home run to left-center field to put the Angels on the board and avoid a shutout in the top of the 9th

As for the other No. 5s on the ballot, there is plenty of intrigue. The resurgent Wright is battling a stacked field of National League third basemen that is highlighted by Nolan Arenado Jerseys, Kris Bryant Jerseys and Duffy, another No. 5. Seager is vying for votes against another pair of rookies cheap jerseys, Colorado’s Trevor Story and St. Louis’ Aledmys Diaz, among others.

Can Freeman get back to a third All-Star Game after missing out last year? Will Harrison’s .300-plus average for a contender in Pittsburgh be enough noise to overcome hot starts by Neil Walker and Daniel Murphy? Then there’s CarGo, the Rockies’ two-time All-Star who is already a viable candidate and can get hot fast. Freeman’s long solo homer [email protected]: Freeman connects for a long solo homerFreddie Freeman Jerseys slugs Jon Lester Jerseys’s pitch to right field for a long solo home run, giving the Braves a 1-0 lead in the 4th inning

The 87th All-Star Game will be televised nationally by FOX, in Canada by Rogers Sportsnet and RDS, and worldwide by partners in more than 160 countries via MLB International’s independent feed. ESPN Radio and ESPN Radio Deportes will provide national radio coverage of the All-Star Game., MLB Network and SiriusXM will also provide comprehensive All-Star Week coverage. For more information, please visit

Mark Newman is enterprise editor of Read and join other baseball fans on his community blog. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

deGrom, Conforto lead Mets to 8th straight win

Steve Cishek Jerseys #31

NEW YORK — The Mets’ dream April, in which they challenged home run records and pitched their way up the Major League leaderboards despite little from Matt Harvey Jerseys, is over. They put a fitting cap to it Saturday, rocketing two more homers behind a gutsy Jacob deGrom Jerseys performance on their way to their eighth straight victory, a 6-5 win over the Giants at Citi Field.

Elite Steve Cishek Jerseys

Michael Conforto Jerseys led the way by doubling, singling, homering and driving in three, in the process completing a torrid two-week stretch that’s seen him cement his spot as one of the brightest young hitters in baseball.

Womens Steve Cishek Jerseys

The Mets scored all six runs off Giants starter Matt Cain, who set up the second inning by plunking two batters ahead of Conforto. Winning pitcher deGrom battled control problems as well, posting the fourth four-walk game of his career. But he would have surrendered far less damage had Wilmer Flores Jerseys’ throwing error not extended the third inning, when Hunter Pence capitalized with a two-run single.

Limited Steve Cishek Jerseys

MOMENTS THAT MATTERED The kid is all right: Conforto’s second-inning double to left brought home two and his solo homer in Steve Cishek Jerseys #31 the fifth widened New York’s lead. The 23-year-old’s last two weeks jump off the page: .407 average, 14 runs wholesale baseball jerseys, nine doubles, four home runs and 15 RBIs in 14 games.

Violating the rules: Making an inning’s final out at third base is among the game’s cardinal sins. Yet that’s what San Francisco’s Brandon Belt did in the third inning when he tried to advance from first to third base on Pence’s bases-loaded, two-run single. Belt was thrown out, ending San Francisco’s three-run rally.

UPON FURTHER REVIEW The Giants challenged an eighth-inning play at second base, claiming that New York’s Neil Walker committed interference on his slide into the bag. After a replay review, no violation was found, and the call on the field was confirmed.

WHAT’S NEXT Giants: With rain in the forecast for Sunday’s 10:10 a.m. PT series finale, the Giants will be careful about wasting Madison Bumgarner’s arm with an unnecessary cheap jerseys warmup or maybe even an inning or two. Historically, Bumgarner has been excellent on the road, posting a 47-33 record with a 3.24 ERA.

Mets: As if Bumgarner wasn’t enough, the Mets will counter with maybe baseball’s best young pitcher. When Noah Syndergaard Jerseys (2-0, 1.69 ERA, NL-leading 12.8 K/9) toes the Citi Field rubber for Sunday’s 1:10 p.m. ET finale, it’ll set up one of the marquee pitching matchups of the young season. New York is looking for its third consecutive series sweep.

Watch every out-of-market regular-season game live on MLB.TV.

Chris Haft has covered the Giants since 2005, and for since 2007. Follow him on Twitter at @sfgiantsbeat and listen to his podcast. Joe Trezza is a reporter for based in New York. Follow him on Twitter at @joetrezz. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

J.T. Realmuto leads Marlins over Cardinals

Joaquin Benoit Jerseys #53

JUPITER, Fla. — Jose Fernandez Jerseys wasn’t at his best, but the right-hander minimized damage and put his team in position to rally. They did, and J.T. Realmuto Jerseys’s two-run single in the sixth inning lifted the Marlins to a 4-2 win over the Cardinals on Sunday at Roger Dean Stadium.

Elite Joaquin Benoit Jerseys

Tommy Pham connected on a two-run homer off Fernandez in the fourth inning, but Miami’s bullpen stepped up. Edwin Jackson Jerseys threw two scoreless innings, and he was assisted by a key defensive stop by first baseman Justin Bour to get out of jam in the eighth inning.

Womens Joaquin Benoit Jerseys

After pulling even at 2 in the fifth inning, the Marlins claimed a two-run lead in the sixth inning on Realmuto’s two-run single with the bases loaded and two outs off Sam Tuivailala.

Limited Joaquin Benoit Jerseys

Jaime Garcia held the Marlins hitless for 4 1/3 innings before Realmuto’s single in the fifth. Adeiny Hechavarria delivered an RBI double in the inning, and Miami pulled even at 2 on Chris Johnson Jerseys’s groundout. Hechavarria’s RBI double [email protected]: Hechavarria drives in a run with gap double3/27/16: Adeiny Hechavarria drives a ball up the gap in right-center field, sending J.T. Realmuto Jerseys home scoring the Marlins’ first run

Fernandez worked 3 2/3 innings, allowing two runs on five hits with six strikeouts. His afternoon ended at 79 pitches. Fernandez fans Garcia [email protected]: Fernandez strikes out Garcia to end threat3/27/16: With two runners in scoring position, Jose Fernandez Jerseys sets Jaime Garcia down on strikes wholesale baseball jerseys ending the two-out threat in the 2nd

Pham struck for a two-run homer off Fernandez with one out in the fourth inning. A one-out walk to Brayan Pena Jerseys put the Miami right-hander in a bind, and Pham belted a full-count breaking ball over the wall in left.

“We all know the Cardinals,” Fernandez said. “Anybody, no matter who, you’ve always got to be careful — one out, two out. You’ve always got to be careful. But I think it was a good pitch. I was struggling a little bit to get my fastball down. It was a pitch for a strike. He put a good swing on it, and it goes real, real, real deep.”

Fernandez breezed through the first inning, striking out two and topping his velocity at 98 mph.

In the second inning it was more of a challenge, as the Miami right-hander allowed three hits. But because of a baserunning blunder and a couple of strikeouts, Fernandez escaped without allowing a run.

Matt Adams and Jedd Gyorko each singled to open the second, but confusion occurred on Pena’s hit to deep center. Not sure if the ball would be caught, Adams tagged at second, and Gyorko passed his teammate on the bases, resulting in an out. Pena made it to second, and Adams advanced to third. Fernandez still escaped by striking out Pham on a curveball. Greg Garcia was intentionally walked, and Garcia struck out. Cardinals run into an out [email protected]: Gyorko passes Adams on basepaths for out3/27/16: After Brayan Pena Jerseys drives cheap baseball jerseys a ball off the wall in center field, Jedd Gyorko passes Matt Adams on the basepaths for an unusual out

Up next for the Cardinals: Although he’s not scheduled to make his regular-season debut until April 9, Carlos Martinez will make his final Grapefruit League start on Monday, when the Cardinals host the Mets in a 12:05 p.m. CT game at Roger Dean Stadium. Martinez scattered two hits over five scoreless innings in his last outing. Second baseman Kolten Wong, who suffered a left knee contusion on Saturday, is expected back in the lineup for the game, which will be shown Joaquin Benoit Jerseys #53 on MLB.TV.

Up next for the Marlins: The Marlins will travel to Viera, Fla., on Monday to face the Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. A number of regulars will not be making the trip. Lefty Chris Narveson will be making the start for Miami. Stephen Strasburg is set for Washington. Christian Yelich, Hechavarria and Johnson are scheduled to be in the lineup.

Joe Frisaro is a reporter for He writes a blog, called The Fish Pond. Follow him on Twitter @JoeFrisaro and listen to his podcast. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

Arcia launches Twins to walk-off over Tribe

Jonathan Aro Jerseys #49

MINNEAPOLIS — Oswaldo Arcia hit a walk-off solo shot off Indians reliever Zach McAllister Jerseys in the ninth inning to lead the Twins to a 4-3 win Monday night at Target Field.

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Arcia’s towering blast to right came on a 1-2 fastball from McAllister, who had not allowed an earned run this season. It was the first walk-off homer for the Twins since Brian Dozier hit one against the Orioles last July 6. It gave Kevin Jepsen the win after a scoreless ninth and helped atone for Yan Gomes Jerseys’ game-tying homer in the eighth against reliever Ryan Pressly.

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Indians right-hander Danny Salazar Jerseys struggled with his command early, but he didn’t pay for it Jonathan Aro Jerseys #49 until the fifth. The Twins scored three runs with two outs, including a two-run double from Dozier and a go-ahead single from Miguel Sano. Salazar lasted a season-low 4 2/3 innings. Gomes’ solo shot [email protected]: Gomes belts solo homer to left-center in 8thYan Gomes Jerseys ties the game at 3 with a solo shot to left-center field in the top of the 8th inning

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Twins lefty Tommy Milone also wasn’t able to get through five innings, allowing two runs on seven hits and two walks over 4 2/3 frames. Cleveland scored in the second on an RBI single from Marlon Byrd before scoring again in the fifth on an RBI single from Jason Kipnis.

Indians left fielder Michael Brantley made his season debut as a pinch-hitter with two on and two out in the eighth, but lined out to left to end the inning.

MOMENTS THAT MATTERED After bending, Salazar breaks: Salazar labored with his command through the first few innings (he threw 21 balls among 40 pitches in the first two frames), and it caught up with him in the fifth. He allowed an infield single to Danny Santana, who survived a close pickoff attempt and then moved up to second on a balk. Two batters and a walk later, Salazar gave up a two-run double to Dozier to pull the game into a 2-2 deadlock.

Dozier, Sano deliver: Dozier, who entered the game hitting .192, came up with the big hit that knocked Salazar out of the game. It also set up Sano’s go-ahead single off former Twins reliever Jeff Manship Jerseys after the Indians opted to intentionally walk Joe Mauer. Sano’s RBI single [email protected]: Sano singles in Dozier in the 5th inningMiguel Sano singles to right field, scoring Brian Dozier and giving the Twins a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the 5th inning

Lindor flashes leather: Cleveland’s slick-fielding shortstop, Francisco Lindor, made a trio of eye-popping plays. Twice, he went deep into the hole and made a leaping, cross-body throw to nab a runner at first. He pulled it off on a grounder by Eduardo Nunez in the third and against Eduardo Escobar in the sixth. In the fifth, Escobar chopped a pitch back to Salazar, who deflected it with his glove. Lindor altered his route, snagged the ball and, after a fumbling it for a moment, recovered to throw out Escobar by a hair. Lindor throws out Escobar [email protected]: Lindor shows dazzling defense in the 5thFrancisco Lindor ranges behind second base to field the ball, then spins and rifles a throw to first for the out

UPON FURTHER REVIEW With a 1-1 count on Nunez in the fifth inning, Salazar made a quick throw to first baseman Mike Napoli in an effort to pick off Santana. First-base umpire Doug Eddings ruled that Santana was safe on the close tag play, but Tribe manager Terry Francona challenged the call to be sure wholesale jerseys. The ruling on the field stood after a replay review lasting two minutes, 12 seconds. Salazar then attempted another pickoff but was called for a balk by home-plate ump Jeff Nelson. That sequence helped set the stage for Minnesota’s three-run outburst in the inning. Santana safe on pickoff in 5th [email protected]: Santana safe on pickoff after call standsDanny Santana is safe after Danny Salazar Jerseys’s pickoff attempt at first base in the 5th, and after the Indians’ challenge, the call stands

The Twins won a challenge in the sixth, when Gomes was ruled safe at first base as shortstop Escobar was charged with an error. But after a review, the call on the field was overturned, and Gomes was ruled out, taking away the error. Gomes out after review [email protected]: Gomes out at first after call overturnedThe Twins challenge the call that Yan Gomes Jerseys is safe at first on an infield single, and after review, the call is overturned

WHAT’S NEXT Indians: Cody Anderson Jerseys (0-1, 7.53 ERA) will take the ball for the Tribe in an 8:10 p.m. ET divisional clash with the Twins on Tuesday at Target Field. Last year, the right-hander ended his season with two stellar starts (one run allowed in 13 2/3 innings) against Minnesota, helping him net the American League Pitcher of the Month honor for September, when he went 5-0 with a 1.38 ERA.

Twins: Right-hander Ricky Nolasco is set to start at 7:10 p.m. CT for the second game of this three-game series. Surprisingly, Nolasco has been Minnesota’s best starter this season cheap baseball jerseys, going 1-0 with a 2.66 ERA through three starts. Twins honor Prince at Target [email protected]: The Twins honor Prince at Target FieldThe Twins honor the passing of pop music icon and Minnesota native Prince before the ballgame at Target Field

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