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Yesterday he hit a grand slam and drove from a total of six runs in the Yanks 11-2 rout for this Indians. The NHL is by way of come back the next 2 weeks. In the modern society, workers in … Continue reading

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It is Sunday night and Studio Sport is almost over when, after an extensive football program, some other sports quickly pass by. This is the moment that baseball fans are waiting for. But unfortunately, the air time for baseball is … Continue reading

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Don’t be hauling him back over here with the unprivileged now, tacitly blaming black people in the country who didn’t know if Juice did it or not, only that their uncle or brother or son was once railroaded and looked … Continue reading

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We’d be shocked to see this kind of workload continue for Forte, but as long as he’s producing, it’s hard to see the Jets taking the ball out of his hands. A full 10 days off between games is a … Continue reading