Baseball- Game rules, tips and facts about baseball

Baseball has formed around the 18th century in the sport as it is now known as baseball or baseball in English. At first glance it might be an easy game in base, but on the other hand it also seems … Continue reading

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´╗┐”For two hundred and fifty years he trained to his hand a people whom he made absolutely his own, in body, mind and sensibility. He so insinuated differences and distinctions among them, that their personal attachment for him was stronger … Continue reading

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´╗┐Uran (Uran)/Zoran/Astro Girl Atom’s robotic sister with a shown adoration towards Atom; she is a superhuman robot with a naive, tomboyish personality. Constructed by Dr. Ochanomizu as a “gift” for Atom, Uran is an extremely mischievous little girl who constantly … Continue reading