Baseball, unknown is unloved?

It is Sunday night and Studio Sport is almost over when, after an extensive football program, some other sports quickly pass by. This is the moment that baseball fans are waiting for. But unfortunately, the air time for baseball is often a few meager minutes. That is far too little for the enthusiast and for a layman the fleeting minutes will make little impression with . Baseball deserves more, so read on.

America’s favorite pastime

It will be little surprise that baseball, or baseball in good English, is an American sport. The United States started as a land of settlers who took their own culture and customs. Similarly, the forerunner of modern baseball has crossed the Atlantic Ocean somewhere in the 16th or 17th century. There are links with the originally British cricket, but to say that baseball is direct from there is going too far. The fact is that in the beginning of the 19th century all sorts of “ball and stick games” were played throughout the US by all layers of the population, from slaves to bank managers. The founding of a club could not wait long and that happened in 1845 in New York. The members of this club, with the melodious name Knickerbockers Base Ball Club, made the rules for the first time. In 1846, the first organized baseball game was played which unfortunately lost the Knickerbockers with 23-1 of the New York Base Ball Club and best discount merchandise websites. The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional team in 1869. After that, the march of baseball in the US was unstoppable and became “America’s favorite pastime”.

Over the borders

Baseball was soon introduced in the neighboring countries of the US. Especially in Caribbean and Central American countries, baseball has become the number one national sport. Cuba has been world champion (amateur baseball) many times. Even before the outbreak of the Second World War, baseball was already popular in Japan and South Korea. In Europe, baseball never really caught on, with the exception of the Netherlands and Italy. For years, these countries have been the finalists at the European level

Baseball: a short explanation

Although explaining a sport by means of text alone is, in my opinion, an impossible task, I still make an attempt. Baseball, a real summer sport, is played by two teams of 9 men. A team consists of a pitcher, a rear catcher, four inner fielders and three outsiders. A team has an at bat and a field turns, together we call this an intimate one. A match consists of 9 innings and the time factor is not important. The field has a diamond shape; the distance between the bases is about 27 meters. The distance from the pitcher’s hill, which lies in the center of the inner court, to the home plate more than 18 meters. Two lines from the home plate to the outside area determine the playable area. The essential baseball materials consist of a ball, a bat and a glove. The baseball is a leather ball that is slightly larger than a tennis ball, but six times as heavy. Billets are an important part of baseball. At the highest level, wood is beaten; youth teams and lower senior teams play with metal. A leather baseball glove to catch the ball should not be missed. For safety a helmet and cross guard (toque) are indispensable. If the field team has made three zeroes, it will be changed. The field team is allowed to hit, and the strike team has to defend in the field. The zeroes can be made as follows:
• To burn; the ball is at the base rather than the runner. This only applies if the runner is forced to walk to the relevant base, as for example at first base.
• To tap; a runner who does not have his base can be tagged. This tapping is done with the ball, whether or not in the glove.
• To catch; catching a ball directly means a zero.
• Three strokes; if the batter hits three times or he lets go of three balls, he is out. Whether a ball is blown or wide is left to a referee behind the home plate. The stroke zone is in terms of height between the armpits and knees of the batter and in terms of width the home plate.
The dream of every baseball player is a homerun. The ball is then beaten out in one go. The batter will then be able to score and score the bases easily. If runners were already on base at that moment, then they also score. Even better is it to hit a homerun if all bases are occupied. This is called a ‘grand slam’ and then four points are scored at once.

Yankee dollars

Nowadays, baseball is big business in the US. The top teams, such as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, play in the Major League, the highest level in the US. The transfer amounts of players are astronomical. For example, the famous player Alex Rodriguez has recently been hired by the New York Yankees for a $ 10 million contract for a 10-year contract. Here is another salary of $ 33 million per year! Baseball players in the US are real celebrities, similar to pop stars. The high salaries also attract many foreign players, especially from Japan and Cuba. Sometimes the Dutch know how to break through to the highest level. The best known is the Curacao-born Andruw Jones that has been playing in the Major League for years. Andruw was also the best paid Dutch athlete in 2006 and 2008. The American baseball season runs from April to October and the teams play daily. The regular competition consists of 160 matches. If there are practice matches, playoffs and final matches are added up then this number increases to more than 200. The men’s baseball players are then richly rewarded, but on the other hand they have to shine every day during the season.

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But what’s fun about baseball?

One of the most important aspects in baseball is the game between the pitcher and the hitter. The pitcher will do everything to get the batter out. Variation in throws is very important because there is nothing as easy for a batter as he knows what is coming. By varying in speed, location and type of throw (for example curves) the batter will have to be constantly on his guard. This game is the core of the sport and in my opinion is the most fascinating part. Writing about baseball is and will continue to work. You have to experience and buy baseball cheap jerseys $19.99 cent. If you are going on vacation in the USA soon, you can visit a baseball game. Lots of fun!

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